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Pulse Directional is continuing to create new advanced technology to enhance the directional drilling market. Our research and development team is focused on fine tuning our existing technology as well as continuing to bring new leading edge technology to commercialization.

  • 2011 commercial Release of Inclination and Gamma at Bit technology
  • 2012 Final field tests of Propagation Resistivity (OMEGA). Proven results matching top tier wireline logs. Ready for 2013 commercial launch.
  • 2013 Successful completion of FAST PULSE TECHNOLOGY 4bps. Fast reliable positive mud pulse tools. Extensively Field tested and ready for commercial release Jan 2014.
  • 2013 NOISE DECODE TECHNOLOGY. This surface decoding software compliments the FAST PULSE and decodes signal reliably though previously undecodable and undetectable signal challenges. Our system succeeds where most others fail.