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Keep the drill string in the pay zone In a rolling horizontal section without leaving critical zones


Use the Flashlight Gamma and Inclination At-Bit to instantaneously and accurately manage well bore position and dogleg severity


With the Flashlight tool a longer, straighter more productive horizontal section was achieved by identifying faults and maintaining trajectories in real time. Added value results included reduced dogleg severity, an easier casing runs.

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Controlled Geo Steering optimises well placement and reduces doglegs.

With real-time at bit technology the directional team can now offer services that helps the customer make on site decisions based on real time data. Exceeding customers’ expectations of what can be accomplished in their drilling budgets. With wells like the one being shown in the case study increased well production has significantly impacted the customers drilling programs now and into the future.

Customer Testimonials

“The Flashlight allows the geologist to steer the bit. When drilling in thin sands the tool allows formation tops or bottoms to be recognized much more quickly than conventional tools which are 40-50 feet behind the bit. The reaction time for course correction with conventional tools can be more than 80 feet of lateral which in a lot of wells is too late. With Flashlight the effectiveness of slides is known quickly and can save precious v-section.”
Brock Edwards, Geologist.

“The Flashlight technology allowed us to drill a faster lateral with more useable wellbore. We were able to expose more clean sand, because the near bit GR data allowed us to see when sand quality deteriorated so course could be changed. The near bit inclination data let us know immediately when the slides were effective."
Don Rahmes, Operations Manager.

Precisely kick off a horizontal section Geo steering real time with accurate drilling control, reduced doglegs and optimized well placement.

An oil and gas company based in the Oklahoma area of the United States need to drill smooth horizontal sections in a historically challenging formation. The formation typically faults and waves making it difficult to maximise extended reach horizontal sections. With a typical MWD Gamma Ray and Inclination 32-49 feet away from the bit it was difficult for the company to stay in the horizontal formation without chasing it with information behind the bit. Not being able to see ahead and make real time decisions was increasing trip time, adding doglegs, decreasing pay zones and adding costly rig time to the overall project budget.

Select a reliable real time at-bit inclination and gamma tool to solve
the challenges.

Pulse Directional Technologies was able to provide the operator with solutions to all of their needs. The Flashlight tool was able to see ahead providing accurate real time Geo Steering helping make faster decisions maintain accurate drilling control reducing doglegs and most importantly optimising well placement. Shaving days off the well and increasing pay zone made choosing the Flashlight an easy decision for the client. Now under long term contract the Flashlight continues to add value to the clients overall drilling program.