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Designed for the most strenuous working conditions, Pulse Directional offers some of the most durable and
high performing downhole tools on the market. Supporting a variety of directional and horizontal drilling process, we manufacture and service pulsers, electromagnetic technologies, resistivity tools, measurement
kits and much more.


Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Kits

The PDT MWD system provides a rugged reliable solution for the most demanding directional drilling applications. The system can be used with a positive pulse or Electromagnetic transmission.

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PDT Short String

The interconnect modules have been eliminated from the tool string for the ease of assembly. This makes the string shorter and more rigid. The threaded ring assembly has been adapted as part of the individual modules. The fin centralizer is moulded on the box housing. This will eliminate the operator from putting the tool together upside down. Less part is requiring maintaining the tool. A fin cutter can be run for retrievability.

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Stand Alone Tool (SAT)

A man-less wellbore monitoring system for drilling applications. Provides the highest reliability and proven accuracy.

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I-Pulser - Top Landing Tool

I-Pulser is the latest rotary style Pulser utilizing DC brush less technology to provide extended battery life. With a direct drive impeller creating the mud pulse signal, LCM and solids have very little effect on the operation of this Pulser.

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PDT Positive Pulser - Bottom Landing Tool

PDT Pulser is the most advanced Pulser utilizing DC brush less technology to generate data transmission. Pulser creates a mud pulse signal by restricting mud flow, actuating a piston to generate an increase in pressure.

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Pulse / Electro Magnetic (PEM)

Pulse and EM telemetry in one. This allows the operator the flexibility of choosing the best telemetry for the job while drilling remains uninterrupted. The PEM probe combines the efficiency of Pulser and EM telemetry into one short probe.

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Electro-Magnetic Technology (EM)

EM technology transmits data through the formation using electromagnetic energy that is decoded on surface. EM has no moving parts so it can be used in an air-drilling situation or high LCM environments.

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Omega - Resistivity Tool

Omega will provide reliable propagation resistivity measurements for hydrocarbon in both high- and low-resistivity formations. Helps to make fast and better real-time decisions while drilling, washing down, reaming, tripping with minimum lost-in-hole risk.

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INC@BIT (Flashlight)

Flashlight for the Directional Drilling

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Annular Pressure-While-Drilling (APWD)

APWD sensor increases drilling efficiency by providing real-time down-hole pressure information that allows the driller to make faster and better decisions

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Axis Vibration Monitor Tool (AVMT)

The result of the drill string vibration can cause excessive bit wear, reduced ROP and premature MWD failure. AVMT indicates to the driller when bit bounce and pipe whirl is occurring which can prevent drill string fatigue.

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