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Pulse Directional Technologies is a growing, high tech company that operates around the world. We’re always interested in expanding our team of dedicated professionals to support the manufacturing and servicing of our top quality downhole tools and surface systems. A career with Pulse Directional is an opportunity to work with leading tools and industry experts, building new products and working with the biggest companies in oil and gas.


International Company

With a reputations for the highest standards of quality and innovative downhole and directional solutions, we operate across the world. We’ve had sales across six continents with oil and gas companies in dozens of countries. Providing a rewarding career is at the core of our focus to employees, ensuring a challenging environment that takes people wherever they wish to be.

Technology Leaders

To be elite, we understand the need for continuous innovation and new technologies that drive better performance. Our directional drilling and downhole tools are industry leading, and that is a result of having a great team of experts working towards being the best. The aspect of a career with Pulse Directional that appeals to many of our employees is the opportunity to work with the best tools, best technology and build new, exciting products.